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At some point we all must ask ourselves the question?When is enough enough?? Jamya Adams grew up on the streets of south side Chicago. At an early age she learned that she needed to go after whatever she wanted, because nothing would be handed to her. She set and lived by her own rules, allowing no one or anything to stand in her way. Hustle was her middle name. She stacked her money and got herself, her mother, and her sisters out of their not so ideal environment.? Emerick Jeffries grew up in Beverly Hills, California. He was not only born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he also had the matching bowl and sippie cup. Nothing was off limits to the multimillion dollar playboy. As the heir to the Diamont Brut international jewelry empire, Emerick did not always move in a straight line. He too like Jamya lived by his own rules.? Savannah Biggs wreaked havoc on the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina as a child. It wasn?t until a situation landed her in a North Carolina juvenile detention center that she realized it was time for a change. Life happened quickly for Savannah after her release. Things that once seemed impossible suddenly became obtainable.? Though the three came from different ways of life, circumstances brought them together. During that time Jamya, Emerick, and Savannah learn the lesson that sometimes enough is enough.


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